4Vets Weight Reduction 減重處方罐頭 400g

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* 4Vets:

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high quality of protein,
low energy density
no grain
WEIGHT REDUCTION VETERINARY DIET is recommended for overweight and obese
dogs, as well as for dogs with diagnosed diabetes, constipations resulting from using lowresidue
food and for dogs/bitches after castra - tion/sterilization in order to prevent overweight
and obesity.
Analytical constituents:
protein – 9%, crude oils and fats – 2.2%, crude ash – 1,2%, crude fiber – 4%, moisture – 80%,
calcium – 0.15%, phosphorus – 0.1%.
Energy content: 2,55 MJ/kg
chicken 38% (liver, gizzards, chicken fillet), pork 5% (pork shoulder), potato starch, carrots 2%,
potatoes 2%, salmon oil 0.4%, calcium carbonate, brewers yeasts 0.3%, psyllium husk and seed
0.3%, potassium chloride, sodium tripolyphosphate, MSM (Methylsulfonyl - methane) 0.08%,
yucca schidigera extract 0.05%, beta–glucans 0.03%, mannan–oligosaccharide 0.02%, seaweed
meal 0.02%.
Period of use:
Use until the target weight is obtained. The diet fully meets nutrition needs of dogs on diet and contributes to improvement of their
health. Recommended daily portion has been shown in the chart on the package. Fresh drinking water should always be available.
Consultation with a veterinarian is recommended prior to use.
A complete diet dog food which causes a decrease of excess weight. The diet is characterized by a low
concentration of energy.
High quality protein - food based on sources of complete protein of low fat content (chicken breasts). Due to the use of such
sources of protein it is possible to supply energy constituents of longer digestion and absorption time.
Low fat content - low content and presence of fatty acids only from animal products, without addition of vegeta ble oil,
ensure maximum engagement of liver and pancreas function and extension of the time necessary to digest them. In addition,
polyunsaturated fatty acids from the n-3 group present in salmon fat provide their amount necessary for conditioning biochemical
control of inflammatory processes.
L – carnitine - ensures targeted and facilitated transport of fatty acids to mitochondria where they are subject to metabolism.
Accelerated catabolism of energy achieved in this manner contributes to increased lipolysis of adipose tissue.
Psyllium seeds - high content of dietary fibre (4% of total food weight) ensures its appropriate water-absorbing quality, thus the
Weight Reduction veterinary diet increases the feeling of satiety and fullness of gastrointestinal tract. As a consequence, it influences
faster activation of satiety centres and decreases feeling of hunger. Presence of dietary fibre in the form of psyllium seeds influences
binding of fat constituents in the contents of gastrointestinal tract, thus decreasing their digestibility and use as energy constituents.
Metylosulfometan (MSM) - presence of this constituent in the diet is an important factor reducing pain connec ted with overloading
osteoarticular system in the case of overweight and obese dogs.
Additives: nutritional additives/kg:
Vitamin D3 – 450 IU, Niacin – 50 mg, Vitamin E – 40 mg, D–pan-tothenic acid – 20 mg, Vitamin B1 – 12 mg, Vitamin B2 – 9 mg, Folic
acid – 4 mg, Vitamin B6 – 2.5 mg, Biotin – 0.2 mg, Vitamin B12 – 0.04 mg, E6/Zinc – 30 mg, E4/Copper – 3 mg, E5/Mangane - se – 2
mg, E2/Iodine – 0.3 mg, selenium (in a form of an organic chelate) – 0.01 mg, Zinc (in a form of an organic chelate) – 19.5 mg, DL–
methionine – 1000 mg, L–carnitine – 800 mg.




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