Dermoscent Essential 6® 貓狗外用皮膚修復滴劑

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* Dermoscent Essential 6:

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Essential 6® spot-on

Multifunctional monodose skin care for all skin and hair types


Essential 6® spot-on is the no. 1 spot-on dermo-cosmetic product for dogs, cats and small animals that provides a simple and efficient solution for cutaneous imbalances (also referred to as kerato-seborrhoeic disorders or problems) and their consequences: dull or brittle hair, dry or oily coat, bad odours, etc.


Essential 6®天然滴劑是醫治貓、狗、小寵皮毛問題的首選。Essential 6®容易使用,並有效針對以下皮膚問題的天然滴劑 : 皮膚發炎、過敏性皮炎、脂漏性角化症、魚鱗癬或減少皮膚感染復發等


Essential 6® spot-on is patented and it has no added fragrances, achieving no less than six different actions in one product :

Essential 6®天然滴劑採用專利配方, 絕不添加香精,達至至少六種的功效:

• restore the hydration level of the skin, reinforcing the skin barrier function,


• enhance the shine of the hairs,


• diminish hair loss (outside seasonal moult) and support the regrowth of hair.


• reduce scales and dandruff,


• deodorise, respecting the smell of the animal,


• protect by way of its antioxidant activity.


By way of a simple action requiring 2 seconds per week, Essential 6® spot-on enables to decrease

shampoo frequency and substitute daily in-take of essential fatty acids (omega 6-3).

簡單每星期兩秒的維護,Essential 6®天然滴劑能減少沖涼的次數,取代每日攝取脂肪酸 (奧米加6 和3)的份量。



Ingredients 成份


The innovative formula of Essential 6® spot-on is subjected to rigorous selection of the 100% natural active ingredients:

a synergy of 10 essential oils (clove, camphor, gaultheria, rosemary, curcuma, oregano, lavender, peppermint, tea tree

and cedar), hemp oil and neem oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E.


嶄新Essential 6®天然滴劑嚴選百份百天然材料 – 十種調配的精油 (薰衣草、薄荷、茶樹、冬青、迷迭香、薑黃、雪松、丁香、樟腦和牛至油),另外大麻籽油和印度楝樹油,及有豐富的脂肪酸群和維生素E。


Directions for use 使用方法



Break and remove the snap-off top of the pipette by folding it once forwards and once backwards, move the hairs of the animal aside and apply all of the Essential 6® spot-on, between the shoulders of the animal, on one or two spots, directly on to the skin. To achieve an optimal and lasting result, it is recommended to start with an initial treatment of 2 consecutive months, applying one pipette per week, followed by 1 pipette every 2 weeks as regular and continuous treatment, as long as necessary. Do not massage; a bio-diffusing agent will allow a homogeneous distribution of the product all over the body of the animal. It is recommended not to bath the animal during the 2 days before and the 2 days following the application. No incompatibility in case of a combined use with any of the other «spot-on» products. In case of animals with long or abundant hairs, brush the animal’s coat the day after the application, to remove any potential residues of the product and to allow an optimal distribution on the skin.


將Essential 6® Spot on 扭開,將寵物背脊肩膀中間的毛髮撥開,然後分1-2個點上,倒出所有精油在寵物的皮膚上。為了達到持久的效果,最初需要連續完成兩個月的療程,每星期一次,每次一枝。之後每兩星期一次,直到痊癒為止。謹記使用後兩日才可洗澡。Essential 6®天然滴劑對於其他的「滴劑」用品沒有相衝。長毛動物在使用滴劑後當日,可用梳把毛髮梳順,避免精油凝固在毛髮上,並令精油發揮最佳效果。




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